Foster an Intentionally
Great Workplace

A great workplace culture doesn’t happen by accident. People Operations teams foster, scale, and maintain their uniquely amazing company cultures with Hazel.

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Get Admin Work out of the Way

Reclaim your time with an intuitive system of record to maintain all company and employee information, store digital paperwork, and more.

Empower employees and managers to keep their own info up-to-date, so you get fewer requests and can finally focus on what matters most.

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Approach Time Off in a Way That Reflects Your Company’s DNA

Help employees understand your time off policies and take time off when they need it. Make it easy for managers to review and action requests, and plan their team’s capacity.

Need to track unlimited vacation? Take note of the “work from home” trends? Roll out custom policies that match your company’s views on work-life balance perfectly.

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Keep an Eye on Employee Engagement

Get actionable insights into how engaged and happy your employees and teams are.

Collect feedback on what’s working and what can be improved with lightweight, intuitive surveys.

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Take a One-to-One Approach to Employee Experience

With all people-related data under one roof, it’s easy to see what every single employee needs to succeed.

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Managers see how their team members are doing and can tailor their leadership style accordingly.

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Employees can view their entire journey within your company at a glance.

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You and your team get a bird’s-eye view of the company and can jump in where you’re needed most.

Be Well-Connected

Spend less time keeping your tools in sync. Hazel integrates with payroll, ATS, time and attendance, messaging, and other mission-critical software.

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All Your People & Culture Initiatives,
Now in 

Let employees respond to engagement surveys, request time off, and give recognition, all from within a tool they already use and love. It’s a better experience — for them and for you.

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