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Professional Development

How to Cultivate a “Growth Mindset” with Better Career Development

Imagine you poured your heart and soul into a project only to discover that it’s a total flop. It doesn’t work. Your boss hates it. Feedback is abysmal.

Fortunately, you have time to fix it, but it’s going to be tight, and it’s going to be tough.

How are you feeling? Most people might feel defeated, lost, upset, angry, or embarrassed. But some would find, emerging from that smorgasbord of negative emotions, a gentle simmer of excitement, of challenge, and of potential.

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Performance Management

What Uber Can Learn from Google about Management

The world needs better managers. Or at least the tech industry does.

In few places is that more apparent than at car-hailing company, Uber. On Tuesday, they released the results of an in-depth investigation into their corporate culture, which culminated in a 47-item to-do list assembled by former US Attorney General Eric Holder and his law firm, Covington & Burling LLP.

Dubbed “The Holder Report,” this document is making its rounds on the internet and headlining many major news publications. Meanwhile, Uber is deep in company-wide meetings, planning just how to tackle the outlined changes (and sharing some staff-wide hugs?).

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Performance Management

Want to Give Better Feedback? Make It Specific, Empathetic, and Actionable

“Hey, do you have time for a quick chat?” your manager asks.

Oh no. Knees weak, heart heavy, you saunter into your boss’s office, your entire corporate life flashing before your eyes. There was that project last week that could have gone better. You did book an Airbnb the other day during work hours.

What could this possible be about?

We have a visceral reaction even to the thought of maybe, possibly, sort of receiving feedback. And yet, paradoxically, we also place a high value in knowing where we stand and how we could improve. We want more feedback, not less.

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