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Manager Development

The Clear & Complete Guide to Manager Development

Great managers make companies.
Bad managers break them.

There’s no other way about it. We can cite statistics about manager impact on profitability, engagement, retention, and so on.

But does anyone really need convincing?

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Manager Development

13 Leaders Share Proven Manager Development Best Practices

Manager Development has been a hot topic of discussion among many growing companies in the past year.

With the numerous concerning “incidents” at all sorts of prominent companies, the idea of throwing managers into the deep end and seeing what happens just doesn’t appeal to anyone anymore.

Moreover, the changing workplace demographics and the shifting culture around leadership and management in general are driving the need for HR and L&D professionals to revisit and level up their programs and initiatives in this area.

To help you figure out how to do just that, we asked 13 People Ops leaders (from SurveyMonkey, Headspace, Evernote, SAP, and others) to share their advice and best practices on what works in Manager Development today.

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Manager Development

Top 10 Best Manager Development Resources of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re excited to take a look back at this year in Manager Development content.

In this collection, you’ll find helpful articles, essays, and podcast episodes that will help you craft your own Manager Development initiatives in the new year, or at the very least perhaps think about this subject in a new and different light.

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People Operations

3 Stats That Prove: When Employees Are Disengaged, Managers Are the Answer

If you work in the United States, less than one in every three of your colleagues are engaged at work.

One of the biggest reasons for this high level of disengagement is the way managers are leading their teams.

The difference between a good team and a great team is determined, in large part, by who the manager is.

Despite this, companies struggling with employee engagement still aren’t placing enough value and emphasis on their managers. They tend to promote or hire managers based on technical expertise, but don’t give them the tools and support they need to lead people effectively.

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Resources for Managers

7 Useful Coaching Methods to Help Managers Develop Their Teams

Sometimes, teaching another person is the best way to improve a skill yourself. Managers looking to retain or enhance their technical expertise can use teaching and coaching as a way to stay on top of their own skills.

Plus, a manager’s role in professional development is to help team members discover their skills and passions, and then connect them to the resources they need to develop further. Managers who actively enable and coach their team members help keep their team performing well, and help cultivate a growth mindset at their organization.

As such, the manager-as-coach role is an important one at every organization.

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