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7 Useful Coaching Methods to Help Managers Develop Their Teams

Sometimes, teaching another person is the best way to improve a skill yourself. Managers looking to retain or enhance their technical expertise can use teaching and coaching as a way to stay on top of their own skills.

Plus, a manager’s role in professional development is to help team members discover their skills and passions, and then connect them to the resources they need to develop further. Managers who actively enable and coach their team members help keep their team performing well, and help cultivate a growth mindset at their organization.

As such, the manager-as-coach role is an important one at every organization.

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Resources for Managers

Improvisation, Innovation, and Busting the Myth of the Solitary Creator

In today’s knowledge economy, the companies that rise to the top tend to be the ones who can consistently come up with innovative ideas and imaginative solutions to problems.

But why is it that some organizations seem to have all the best ideas? Where does that creativity come from?

Although we know little about the science of innovation, we do know that creative ideas tend to come from special teams, where each individual is encouraged to share their contributions without fear.

Here’s an example.

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How to Cultivate a “Growth Mindset” with Better Career Development

Imagine you poured your heart and soul into a project only to discover that it’s a total flop. It doesn’t work. Your boss hates it. Feedback is abysmal.

Fortunately, you have time to fix it, but it’s going to be tight, and it’s going to be tough.

How are you feeling? Most people might feel defeated, lost, upset, angry, or embarrassed. But some would find, emerging from that smorgasbord of negative emotions, a gentle simmer of excitement, of challenge, and of potential.

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