Scale up your leaders on pace with your business

Empower every manager at your company with team intelligence, insights, and resources necessary to lead.

Run your organization with confidence by gaining increased visibility into leadership challenges and areas for growth.

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Help your managers become more self-aware,
grow as leaders, and have remarkably insightful conversations with their teams.

Upward Feedback

Help every leader discover their strengths and areas of improvement, based on upward feedback from their team.

Just-in-Time Learning

Deliver captivating bite-sized resources, personalized to the needs and priorities of each leader.

Team Intelligence

Help managers deal with the right issues by giving them actionable insights into what’s going well, what needs attention, and how to best act on it.

Lead your organization with newfound clarity and insight into the employee experience.

Gain visibility into manager effectiveness across the company.

Pinpoint opportunities for coaching, recognition, and peer mentorship.

Uncover organizational challenges and areas for growth.

Photo of Grant Markin, Customer Support Supervisor at ServiceTitan

“Hazel helps me take a step back and get more context on not just how my team sees their work and day-to-day responsibilities, but also how they feel on a macro level.” Grant Markin, Customer Support Manager at ServiceTitan

Photo of Ingrid Olson, Head of CX Operations at OfferUp

“Hazel gives me great agenda items that might not have surfaced in 1:1s, so I can circle back with people and resolve issues before they become any bigger.” Ingrid Olson, Head of CX Operations at OfferUp

Photo of Erik Curtis, Engineering Manager at Inkling

“Hazel has been a fantastic tool for me. Both for my growth as a manager and as a great pulse on my team.” Erik Curtis, Engineering Manager at Inkling

Leadership Development

  • Infrequent and inconsistent
  • Just-in-case training
  • “One-size-fits-all”
  • Hard to roll out and manage

Manager Success Platform

  • Ongoing and habit-forming
  • Just-in-time insights
  • Personalized and situational
  • Go live in two weeks

Empower your managers to build more engaged and enduring teams.

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