Better Leadership Training

  • Illustration: Chat bubble with Hazel saying 'Hey Emily! What do you think makes someone truly great at giving feedback?'
  • Illustration: Chat bubble with Emily saying 'Hm... It’s about making your feedback actionable.'
  • Illustration: Chat bubble with Hazel saying 'True! And it’s also about making it specific and empathetic as well. Let’s learn how to do that now...'

Built for companies that recognize the power of ongoing development and engaging, bite-sized learning.

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“Our best managers have teams that perform better, are retained better, are happier — they do everything better.”
Laszlo Bock

Ex-VP People Operations at Google

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Give your managers a personalized, ongoing, and engaging learning experience.

(One they’ll actually use and enjoy.)

  • Illustration: Manager Feedback Survey Scores for different skills
    Upward Feedback

    Help every leader discover their strengths and areas of improvement, based on upward feedback from their team.

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    • Illustration: Chat bubble with Hazel saying 'Got 4 minutes to watch a video on how to give great feedback?
    • Illustration: Chat bubble with Emily saying 'Yes! Let’s do it.'
    Training & Development

    Deliver captivating bite-sized training right in Slack. It’s an easy and effective way for your managers to learn.

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    • Illustration: Chat bubble with Hazel sharing weekly check-in results from a single team member. Funny inside joke.
    Weekly Check-Ins

    Spark insightful conversations between leaders and their teams with lightweight weekly check-ins.

Your managers will get better. And with advanced Manager Success analytics, you’ll be there to see it.

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    Gain visibility into manager effectiveness across the company.

  • Icon: Map

    See the progress managers make and jump in where you’re needed.

  • Icon: Target

    Evaluate and prove the ROI of your Manager Success initiative.

  • Traditional Leadership Training
    Infrequent and inconsistent
    Work-intensive for People Ops
    Hard to measure impact
  • Manager Success Platform
    Ongoing and habit-forming
    Personalized to each manager
    Easy to roll out and manage
    Seamless impact assessment

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