Uncover where your people managers are struggling, so you can help them improve.

Run an Upward Feedback Survey to get comprehensive data on exactly where you should be focusing your learning and development efforts. You’ll find out what the real issues are and what team members really think about their managers.

Run a Lightweight Manager Assessment, Right in Slack

Employees hate bulky and tedious surveys. With Hazel, they can quickly give actionable upward feedback to their managers without ever leaving their favorite messaging tool.

  • Takes less than five minutes to complete
  • 75%+ response rate guaranteed
  • Launch in a little as two days

Customers give Hazel an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Take a Data-Driven Approach to Leadership Development

Developed at Google and used by hundreds of companies, the Project Oxygen methodology is the industry standard for assessing manager effectiveness.

Get the data you need to drive training, scale up your leaders, and measure progress and impact over time.

“Hazel gives us a data layer that drives all of our Manager Development programs.”

Naphtali Bryant Director of L&D


Equip Managers with Actionable, Growth-Minded Feedback

Go beyond org-level reporting. Share the Upward Feedback Survey results with every manager so that they can discover their personal strengths and areas of improvement.

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Focused on development; not a performance review
  • Designed for psychological safety

It’s easy to get started.

You’re a busy business leader with lots on your plate. Book a quick demo with us today to learn how Hazel can help you run an Upward Feedback Survey with virtually no effort.

Find Out How You Can Take Advantage of All This:

  • One company-wide manager assessment
  • One follow-up assessment, showing changes and impact
  • Slack integration to maximize response rates
  • Growth-focused feedback reports for every manager
  • Interactive dashboards for Directors, VPs, and the CEO
  • Executive Summaries for HR and L&D

Plus, Free Bonus For the Next 20 Customers:

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  • 60-minute consultation with an expert to help you interpret the results and take action on feedback
  • 5 proven email templates to announce the Upward Feedback Survey and drive participation

Get a quick demo to see if Hazel’s Manager Assesment is right for you:

Get a quick demo to see if Hazel’s Manager Assesment is right for you: