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Manager Enablement

The New Frontier in People Tech: Turning Employee Feedback into Action

In an April 2019 episode of podcast This American Life, host Ira Glass begins the show with a story from David Kestenbaum, producer and managing editor.

“David, so, what problem was this supposed to solve?” Ira asks.

“The teachers were trying to get the kids to stop tattling,” David replies.

They go on to describe one teacher’s solution to the overwhelming and time-consuming number of “tattles” she receives from her 20 students, each between three and four years old, every day. Her solution? Attach a large red phone to the classroom wall and instruct kids to, “Tell it to the Tattle Phone.” Immediately and enthusiastically, they comply.

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Manager Enablement

What Uber Can Learn from Google about Management

The world needs better managers. Or at least the tech industry does.

In few places is that more apparent than at car-hailing company, Uber. On Tuesday, they released the results of an in-depth investigation into their corporate culture, which culminated in a 47-item to-do list assembled by former US Attorney General Eric Holder and his law firm, Covington & Burling LLP.

Dubbed “The Holder Report,” this document is making its rounds on the internet and headlining many major news publications. Meanwhile, Uber is deep in company-wide meetings, planning just how to tackle the outlined changes (and sharing some staff-wide hugs?).

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