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The New Frontier in People Tech: Turning Employee Feedback into Action

In an April 2019 episode of podcast This American Life, host Ira Glass begins the show with a story from David Kestenbaum, producer and managing editor.

“David, so, what problem was this supposed to solve?” Ira asks.

“The teachers were trying to get the kids to stop tattling,” David replies.

They go on to describe one teacher’s solution to the overwhelming and time-consuming number of “tattles” she receives from her 20 students, each between three and four years old, every day. Her solution? Attach a large red phone to the classroom wall and instruct kids to, “Tell it to the Tattle Phone.” Immediately and enthusiastically, they comply.

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What 1,000s of high tech employees have to say about their managers

They say “people leave managers, not companies,” and there’s plenty of data to validate this.

Managers have consistently been shown to have the highest impact (both positive and negative) on employee retention, engagement, performance, and even customer satisfaction.

But what precisely do modern managers struggle with? What are they good at? And how can you help the managers at your company get better?

Over the last year, we’ve asked 1,000s of employees at fast-growing tech companies to rate their managers using Google’s Upward Feedback Survey methodology.

(You can read more about this framework in our Clear & Complete Guide to Leadership Development.)

Here are top three things we discovered that might surprise you.

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15 Questions You Must Answer before Investing in Leadership Development

Leadership Development is a complex topic. The number of solutions out there is ever-increasing, and so is the number of criteria to consider.

But once you arrive at two or three options, this article can help you evaluate your shortlist and make the right call for your organization.

The questions below are the ones dozens of People Ops leaders have found helpful when going through a selection process like that.

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How One VP of People Used Breakfast Burritos to Fuel Leadership Development

One of the biggest challenges with Leadership Development is getting and sustaining a high level of engagement and participation from the managers you’re developing.

Even the most self-motivated, driven people often require systems in place to carve out time in their busy schedules and dedicate it to their professional growth.

This is the challenge Marie Szuts — VP of People and Culture at Inkling, a fast-growing high-tech company located in San Francisco — was trying to solve when she first considered hosting in-person manager roundtables.

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The Clear & Complete Guide to Leadership Development

Great managers make companies.
Bad managers break them.

There’s no other way about it. We can cite statistics about the impact of managers on profitability, engagement, retention, and so on.

But does anyone really need convincing?

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