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A Glimpse into Nike’s Culture

You might remember when Nike became a controversial brand back in the 90s due to its use of sweatshops. With a single 1997 New York Times expose, its famous swoosh lost its cool icon status, and was no longer a logo people wanted to wear.

Fast forward to today, and Nike has not only recovered, but it’s become one of the most empowering brands on the planet. The company has done a lot in the way of ensuring more ethical production, and lending transparency to their process. 

Today when people (including many of the same people who boycotted the brand in the 90s) think about Nike, they think about sports. They think about fitness. They think about determined everyday runners, and professional athletes. They think about sweating, winning, getting stronger, and with it, the sense that they can just do it too.

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Why Workplace Mindfulness is Simpler than You Think

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword, but its proven effects are hard to scoff at. Increased productivity, wellness, happiness, and energy are just a few reasons businesses are integrating elements of mindfulness into their leadership and management practices.

It’s a value that’s working its way into cultures from Google to General Mills.

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Here’s What ‘Don’t Fuck Up the Culture’ Means to Airbnb’s Mark Levy

In October, 2013, Airbnb’s cofounder and CEO, Brian Chesky asked venture capitalist Peter Thiel for his single most important piece of advice. His reply?

“Don’t fuck up the culture.”

Fastforward to today, and Airbnb has created one of the most well-known and respected company cultures in the world. We wanted to know what “don’t fuck up the culture” means to the company now that they’re a global, multi-billion-dollar organization.

To find out, we talked to Airbnb’s Global Head of Employee Experience, Mark Levy. Having led human resources and people operations at massive multinational corporations like Levis, Gap, and Best Buy, Levy is no stranger to engaging diverse and growing workforces.

We asked him to tell us more about his role at Airbnb, give advice on how to scale culture as you grow, and to share which companies he looks to for inspiration. Here are some of the highlights.

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