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Employee Engagement, Or Forced Fun? Here’s the Difference.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Someone at your company organizes what they see as a fun, company-wide activity, and it is absolutely not something you are interested in, but you follow through anyway because you don’t want to ruffle feathers or disrupt the culture. You might go through the motions, but you do not feel engaged.

Does that mean you’re not a cultural fit? Or does it mean you simply have different interests, preferences, or tendencies (ie., extroversion vs. introversion: maybe karaoke gives you anxiety to the point of throwing up, or the thought of an improv class makes you want to climb into a cave and never come back out).

If your company throws a big, rowdy holiday party and someone leaves early—or someone doesn’t show up at all—is that OK? Does it mean they aren’t engaged?

Are they hazards to your culture? Or is a truly healthy workplace one that lets people be who they are?

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Leadership Development

Why Companies Like Zappos & Shopify Are Hiring Coaches

A lot of pro-active leaders work with executive coaches, but a new breed of company—which includes Zappos and Shopify—is extending the benefits of coaching beyond the C-suite.

This sort of leadership development initiative shows an admirable investment in people and culture, and appears to paying off in spades.

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People Operations

We’re Culture Crushing Hard on Buffer

When I think of Buffer, the first words that come to mind are happiness, remote working, and self improvement. None of these things are about the product itself (which is awesome, btw), but about the company’s culture, which is just as famous (if not more so) as their social media management tools.

Culture has been at the core of Buffer’s DNA from the early days. Back in early 2013 when the team was just seven people, Buffer’s leaders developed a culture playbook, which still informs everything they do today.

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